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  • Give Our Boys a fighting Chance.

    Give Our Boys a fighting Chance.

    Monday 19th October 2009

    I was shocked to read recently that more than twice as many former British servicemen are in prison, on probation, or on parole than are serving in Afghanistan.

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  • We're all the poorer with top tax rate

    We're all the poorer with top tax rate

    Monday 12th October 2009

    At the Conservative party conference we were treated to some interesting pledges for the future of entrepreneurism and small businesses.

    The Tories want to make Britain the easiest place in the world to set up and grow a business and will offer help with staffing costs, business...

  • Focus On Youth to Rebuild Economy

    Focus On Youth to Rebuild Economy

    Monday 5th October 2009

    Gordon Brown cut his teeth on the Labour frontbench in the early 1990s complaining about a lost generation of teenagers created by a recession made in Downing Street.
    Well, I'm afraid the current situation doesn't fare much better, Prime Minister.
    Figures to be announced next month will...

  • Scotland’s got talent

    Scotland’s got talent

    Sunday 27th September 2009

    I was really surprised to read last week that Scotland is failing the entrepreneur test.

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  • How to really get a Dragon fired up

    How to really get a Dragon fired up

    Monday 21st September 2009

    I've seen some truly ridiculous pitches in my time on Dragons' Den Online - and last week was no exception.
    Our internet spin-off of the original series, which made its BBC2 debut on Wednesday, was designed to see entrepreneurs' business pitches in their rawest state... and some are pretty...

  • New Deal or No Deal

    New Deal or No Deal

    Tuesday 15th September 2009

    Lex Salmond should take a history lesson from Franklin D Roosevelt - and provide a New Deal for Scotland.
    Roosevelt is one of America's greatest Presidents and his grand plan in 1933 led the US out of misery.
    The Great Depression had been going on for four years, unemployment was at a...

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  • Weight to go, Mark!

    Weight to go, Mark!

    Wednesday 9th September 2009

    An office worker who saw my column last week could now be on his way to becoming a millionaire.
    Reader Mark Gilmour, from Motherwell, has invented and patented a new weight-bench design which improves support and enhances performance when doing exercises.
    Most weight benches are...

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  • How to Shine In A Credit Crunch

    How to Shine In A Credit Crunch

    Friday 28th August 2009

    I’m sick and tired of the gloomy credit-crunch depression that is threatening to strangle the life out of our bright and creative nation. Sure rising unemployment, falling house prices and mounting personal debt isn’t something to be laughed at. But people should stop looking at...

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