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Apples Right we will all jack in our wires

  • Date: Monday 12th September 2016
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We tend to get quite excited when it comes to technological advances these days.

Increasingly, we like to know about the latest gadgets and there’s always big demand for the newest model, whether it’s a telly, a phone or a laptop – in fact, they’ve become something of a fashion accessory, with many even queueing up overnight to get their hands on the newest models first.

So you’d have thought the new iPhone 7 would be welcomed with open arms. Apparently not.

I was fascinated to see the reaction to the unveiling of this long-awaited new mobile, which hits the shops on Friday.

It has become an object of ridicule on social media, which is an absolute shocker because Apple is usually hailed for its slick and stylish products.

The reason, of course, is because it has binned the popular headphone socket.

There were rumours in the lead up to the launch that this might happen, and I even wondered if this leak was actually a way to gauge public opinion.

But it can’t have been, because the public seemed to hate the idea – and Apple went ahead and did it anyway.

I was surprised frankly.  Scrapping the 3.5mm audio jack has caused a real uproar.

Firstly, those who’ve invested a pretty penny in top quality headphones will be irked. Their fancy headphones now won’t be compatible without getting an adapter.

Secondly, there’s the issue of Apple’s very own new headphones, known as AirPods.

These futuristic, smart headphones are wireless, know when you’re wearing them, and even know what device you’re using.

Sounds great on paper but it took a matter of hours for social media to become awash with criticism and jokes about them.

Firstly, they’re not cheap at a whopping £120. That’s a lot of money for the average person when you’re already paying a fortune for the handset, set to cost £599 for the 32GB model.

Secondly, consumers are mocking the AirPods’ appearance.

One guy likened them to an electric toothbrush, and took a picture of himself with the head of a toothbrush stuck in his ear – I have to say the resemblance to the product was uncanny. This funny post quickly went viral.

Others have taken photos of their existing headphones with the wires cut off as a jokey way to show their own budget versions.

Thirdly – and this seems to be the major concern – there have been LOTS of comments about how easy the headphones would be to lose.

Consumers want to know if they’ll be sold separately if one goes AWOL. Some are worried they’d be easily stolen. There have also been countless jokes about whether Apple will release a ‘Find my AirPods’ app.

Some reckon the iPhone 7 is a greedy and daft move on behalf of Apple. As well as being more expensive than last year’s iPhone 6 for UK buyers, the removal of the headphone jack is being perceived as a way to push consumers into buying Apple accessories.

But despite the harsh comments and negative feedback, I very much doubt Apple has made a mistake. Apple doesn’t strike me as a company that makes mistakes.

It’s a bold move and it’s going to take a while to grow on people, but we need to embrace tech advances and innovation.

I would go as far as to say that in a decade or two we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

There will soon come a day when your kids will say to you, ‘What’s a headphone jack?’ – mark my words.


Gimmicks may come and go but wireless represents a natural evolution for our increasingly mobile world. 

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